Not With A Flip or A Zip, But What The Bang!?
Not With A Flip or A Zip, But What the Bang!?

My nickname is Pocket. 22 and a lover of sarcasm and life. I blog about whatever the hell I want. But I'm here to love everyone and try to be a better person. No matter what happens...everything is fine.
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Eye Sex 01/?


Warehouse 13: The Next Generation

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I get a feeling Stahma has a taste for rebels. It probably comes from never having much of a choice in life but she got rid of her betrothed, married a guy from the lowest liro, had an affair with a rebellious woman, and threw her husband to the wolves. I think either now or if she’d met Amanda and hadn’t been born on Casti she’d have eyes for her. Amanda doesn’t usually do things according to plan after all. Just saying, it’s kinda cute.  

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Happy Birthday Jaime Murray!


But Regina, a stakeout isn’t a stakeout without a grilled cheese…



Once Upon a Crack!Recap #1


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"Keep it. You can owe me."


"Keep it. You can owe me."

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# two moms are better that one


# two moms are better that one


If The Blazer Fits by FlyYouFools

Summary: Emma decides to dress up like Regina for a Halloween party at The Rabbit Hole, a seemingly innocent decision that surprisingly leads to a relationship. The romance is openly feared by some and secretly despised by others, who plot to end it….

Sorry for the lack of updates (not that anyone noticed probably), my trusty laptop turned it’s back on me and decided to quit working. Trying to get a tablet or a new computer soon. Dell desktops from 5 yrs ago and my mother’s poor choice in laptops is kinda killing my life. But good things come to those who wait I guess. 

Much love!

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Sleepy Hollow/Warehouse 13 (Rambling headcanons under a handy cut. Also forgive Myka. She was last done and I’m rather Ill and I cheated with her to get it finished before I died).

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Inspired by “Something Wicked Comes This Way” and  Felix_27’s fic over at Ao3, Illustrated Misdeeds”.   Special guest stars(sprinkled with more than a dash of poetic licensing), Emma Caulfield as the Dust Witch and Johnny Deep as Mr. Dark. 

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