Not With A Flip or A Zip, But What The Bang!?
Not With A Flip or A Zip, But What the Bang!?

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jessicacapshaww asked: harry/ginny or james/lily

My favorite part of this photo is that there is absolutely no reason for Jason Segel to be in it and yet there he is laying on Seth Rogen

My favorite part of this photo is that there is absolutely no reason for Jason Segel to be in it and yet there he is laying on Seth Rogen





This gif just made my day.


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  asked Regina’s Wardrobe Season 1 or Season 2



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Humans hadn’t been in Storybrooke for a long time. Decades even. Robots could study mechanics and create more for any other vocation now. Most didn’t even really run into each other as they usually went to mechanics for help in repairs and as there were no humans in town, nobody needed to study nursing.

Though Whale still studied for a strange interest of his own in humans.

There was a mayor, police officers (though they were mostly just for show as crime was mainly just a malfunction that was easily fixed), robots that took care of animals because robots tended to enjoy the company of cats and dogs and enjoyed taking care of them.

There were carpenters, teachers that taught history of humans and robots, robots who had an interest in music, gardening, cleaning, reading and all kinds of other things that kept life pretty interesting.

Several years ago a diner had gone up after they’d showed an interest in eating and tasting human food and beverages. Mechanics had worked day and night for weeks and finally developed a way to turn the items into a small temporary power source. They still needed regular ‘sleep’ and the sun to power their bodies.

Emma sat in the diner one morning before her shift at the police station, usually she just played a computer game unless Leroy was on the ‘fritz’ again. She finished her drink, mostly just to enjoy the taste, and placed some money on the counter before turning to head out.

She stopped mid-stride as the door swung open to reveal a beautiful brunnette. Emma felt her lenses dilate and resize to take her in in a sharper image. This was the mayor, she’d never spoken to her personally or gotten her name but she gave Emma the same nervous feeling in her circuits even from afar.

The mayor paid her no mind as she ordered a black coffee, left money, and walked back out of the diner. Emma cautiously followed.

After slinking along behind trees and fences for about three blocks and getting odd stares from other bots as Emma continued behind the mayor…she found she couldn’t hide outside the wide open space of her office’s building The woman noticed her as she turned to go up the stairs.

The woman tilted her head as she took in the blonde. Emma felt a spark flare somewhere in her chest and looked down, tapping her forefingers together nervously. “Uhhh…” how could she best explain what she was doing.

"Dirrrrective." The brunette slurred, soft voice unused to speaking as it usually wasn’t required. Emma blinked several times, tapping her fingers together before  nudging her badge for the woman to see. She nodded. "Nnnname?"

"Oh!" Emma jumped. "Emm…Emmmmaaaaa." She flinched. She hasn’t spoken in months. "Emmmma." She felt another spark flicker through her chest when the mayor gave a cute laugh. The blonde took a few stairs up.



"Reggginaaaa." The mayor laughed again.

"Regina." She stated clearer. 

Regina seemed fascinated by Emma’s life and how she lived. Emma liked to collect old human relics they no longer used. They’d found a more efficient light source so when Emma found an old intact ‘light bulb’ she kept it. The blonde held it up from one of the many shelves of items and blinked in shock when Regina took it and made it work.

She took it back and it went out, Regina held it and lit it again, laughing at Emma’s slight frustration. Regina found it cute when, while watching an old classic film the blonde had found, that she kept trying to take her hand and give her subtle glances.

At the end of the day Emma showed Regina how fast she could eat human food and her own special recipe for hot cocoa. “Ta-da.” Emma grinned, Regina gave the same adorable little laugh and swiped a bit of whipped cream off the corner of her mouth.

As Regina got ready to leave she turned and leaned in close to Emma, a small spark passing between them, making Emma shiver and give a small “Ohhhh.” Regina laughed again before waving goodbye.

Emma gave a deep sigh as she leaned back against her doorway. Lovesick smile on her face. “Rrrreginaaa.” She mumbled to herself. 

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Was watching Wall-E and for some reason it reminded me of SQ. Regina all prim and proper and Emma all scruffy and adorkable.

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Me when people say SwanQueen is stupid

Tell you what, you twisted mutant bitch, why don’t you open these bracelets and we’ll see who’s made of what?
~Logan-The Wolverine
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