Not With A Flip or A Zip, But What The Bang!?
Not With A Flip or A Zip, But What the Bang!?

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In all of us lives a dark side…


In all of us lives a dark side…


Renew Defiance or Drink The Tea


"I married well"

"You flatter a poor woman"

(I don’t even know what’s gonna happen in that scene but this still is so cute that I couldn’t stop myself)

She’s gonna do to him what she did to Kenya for Amanda. My best guess and Stahma probably really wants to for all his disrespect.

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Stahma Tarr 

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If fish breath water…do they drink air?

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Undecidedly human.

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“Can you bring me a beer when you head to the kitchen, Pete?”

Pete gave Myka a look. She usually had a habit of keeping him as far away from alcohol as she could. Frankly, he was surprised they even had beer. He shrugged and nodded.


He was back within a minute, stuffing his face with…



Stahma took everything he (Datak) said at face value. And she underestimated her husband’s inattentiveness and laziness; and the fact that she killed the woman that she loved for no real good reason is devastating to her. Datak is too self-absorbed and too narcissistic and oblivious to even notice it. -Kevin Murphy x